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What our Blue X Sipsey puppy owners have to say:

"Emmett is playful at home, but he seems like he's happiest when out running around in the fields chasing his bumper and sniffing the great outdoors. When we're training with him or out in the field, he's no-nonsense most of the time, he has a serious look on his face and is eager to chase down whatever you're throwing. I like to call him my little ride-or-die partner because he's always ready to go."
The Brown Family
Blue X Sipsey 2022

“A companion in the house and in the outdoors”
Andrew & Alex
Blue X Sipsey 2021

“Beaufort has quickly become one of the family. Our young daughters love him and love playing with him in the backyard.” 

The Oden Family
Blue X Sipsey 2022

“The most intelligent dog I have owned.”
J. Stephens
Blue X Sipsey 2021

"Hank is very trainable. He has great instincts and drive."
The Owen Family
Blue X Sipsey 2022

“When she is working, she is eager, focused and driven. She displays excellent obedience and is quick to learn.”
Michael Tschantz
Blue X Sipsey 2021

“Addie is a joy to our family and a pleasure to train. She wants to please. So smart and driven that you can’t measure.”
Karl Duce
Blue X Sipsey 2021

 "I’d like a house full of boykins from this breeding. Sweet boy, with great confirmation and wonderful bone. Beautiful, bidable, affectionate, wants to be with me, incredible field skills, is a “chill” kind of dog, which is good for my disposition!" 

Mary Palmer Dargan
Blue X Sipsey 2022

“Roux is not only bright, intuitive, a wonderful family pet and a fast learner, she is just a beautiful dog!”

The Magnus Family
Blue X Sipsey 2022

Repeat Breeding

. . .


In 2024, this remarkable breeding yielded two BSS National Champions.

We have the 2024 Boykin Spaniel Society Novice Retriever Champion, OTM's Early Morning Bourbon NCH24 (Rowdy), owned by John Stephens, and the 2024 Boykin Spaniel Society Upland Novice Champion, OTM's Catch Her in the Rye UNCH24 (Rye), owned by John Huddleston. Moreover, this breeding has also given rise to a JAM  (Judges Award of Merit) the 2024 Boykin Spaniel Society Novice Upland, achieved by 8-month-old, OTM's BVK True Grit (Moxie), also owned by John Huddleston.

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