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OTM Kennel is currently located in the rolling hills of beautiful Advance, North Carolina. We are a low volume kennel that produces one to three litters a year. We believe that the low volume approach allows us to correctly socialize the puppies that is required for a quality litter. All bred dogs are tested with the Boykin Spaniel Society recommended health tests. Although this is a requirement to be a Gold-level breeder, we have been doing this all along.

OTM Kennel carefully selects the breeding pairs with the goal of producing healthy, smart, and biddable dogs that improve the breed. By the time our puppies leave our kennel, they will have retrieved a small bumper, retrieved a quail or pheasant wing, have been introduced to a crate, and if weather permits, they will have been swimming. The result is a well-socialized puppy who leaves eager to learn. Because we only produce puppies that we would like to keep, we only sell puppies to hunting or hunt test families.

Contact us if you are interested in an OTM puppy or if you want to talk about Boykin Spaniels in general.

Us: About Us


Twenty years ago, in 2002, our dog story began in Mountain Brook, Alabama. Our young family needed a family dog. We were partial to spaniels. Growing up, my wife, Kelly, had Cockers and I had Springers. After research and discussions with veterinary friends, we decided on a Boykin spaniel. Kelly, my two young children, and my mom drove the family roadster to Georgia to pick out our first Boykin, Heidi Belle. After becoming infatuated with Heidi’s natural intelligence and drive, two years later, we picked up our second Boykin, Justahomewrecker “Wrecker”. Wrecker was exceptional. His first year, he became the Boykin Spaniel Society Puppy Champion. By two he had become the Boykin Spaniel Society Novice Champion, the Boykin Spaniel Society Upland Intermediate Champion, and had earned his Hunting Retriever title. Wrecker continued to become Boykin Spaniel Society Upland Open Champion and earn his Hunting Retriever Champion title (HRCH). Honesty, Wrecker made me look good. I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew that I was hooked.

Since 2002, we have earned ten National Boykin Spaniel Society Championships, and John has been a founder of the Midsouth Boykin Spaniel Retriever Club, the Boykin Spaniel Society Chairman, and the Midsouth president. Since our move to North Carolina in 2020, we have become involved with the Wateree Spaniel Club and in 2022 became founding board members of the Blue Ridge Boykin Spaniel Club.  We are Life members of The Boykin Spaniel Society and became one of a handful of Gold Level Breeders in 2019.

The founding of OTM Kennel was made part by strong mentors and a dog of a life time. We became breeders who focus on the health of the dogs, the biddability– striving to honor and improve the breed. 

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MR and Bixby 2021
John, Gabby, MR and A
john and rye spring 2022 copy
S and John
E and Rye 2022
Bixby, MR, and E 2022
MR and Weber 2021
mm and puppies
A and Bixby 2021
S and Wrecker
MR and Bixby 2021
E pointing to gabby
MR and Chloe Dec 2020 with logo copy
Stuart and baby weber
S and Gabby
John, Wrecker, MM and S
MM, S and Wings
mm and wings
s and mm with puppies
s and Reagan
John, S, and Wrecker
Chloe, MR, and John
S with a puppy
Heidi and MM
S and Weber
Heidi and MM


Feedback from our clients

John Stephens and Rowdy

I like the OTM philosophy of being a part of the OTM family. I am very impressed with contact and information sharing through the process of getting a puppy all the way through taking him home and after. They truly care about each pup and their owners. Rowdy seems to be the most intelligent dog I have owned. He learns quick.


J. Stephens
Stuttgart, AR

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