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Puppy Applications


About OTM kennel

OTM Kennel is currently located in the rolling hills of beautiful Advance, North Carolina. We are a low volume kennel that produces one to three litters a year. We believe that the low volume approach allows us to correctly socialize the puppies that is required for a quality litter. All bred dogs are tested with the Boykin Spaniel Society recommended health tests. Although this is a requirement to be a Gold-level breeder, we have been doing this all along.

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Eleanor and Bixby 2023
Bixby in the flower weeds 4 weeks
Bixby 4 weeks old
Bixby 3 weeks old
Bumper and Bixby
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About the breed.

Medium in size, sturdy, docked tails with long spaniel ears

Coats: short to medium in length, straight to moderately wavy & has light feathering on the ears, legs, feet, chest and underbelly. Color: ranges from rich liver to dark chocolate.

Weighing: 20-40lbs.
Height: 15-18 inches

Boykin Spaniels are first & foremost a hunting dog with proven retrieving & flushing abilities characterized by boundless enthusiasm & endurance, moderate speed & agility. Boykin spaniels make the transition from hunting companion to family pet easily. They are highly intelligent & possess a great desire to PLEASE making the Boykin easy to train. This breed is full of enthusiasm for hunting and is suited for an active family. The compact size allows a family on the go to include their Boykin on many outings. The breed has boundless energy & requires exercise. They are good swimmers, taking to water easily. The Boykin spaniel is valued for their water retrieving as well as field flushing & retrieving. They are outgoing toward people and children & loyal companions in the home & field.

For more information visit The Boykin Spaniel Society

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