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HRCH Southern Mermaids Thats My Boy X OTM’s Wilson’s Gift of Gab UNCH21

Puppies are due the third week of July 2022.
Puppies are expected to be ready to go home by early September 2022.

Chloe fall 2021 0188 .jpg


Rock’n Creek Wilson x OTM’s Talk of the Town

Click here for Chloe’s pedigree

Click here for Chloe’s OFA records and here for her genetic records.

Click here for more photos of Chloe.

2021 Boykin Spaniel Society Upland Novice Champion

2020 Boykin Spaniel Society Upland - JAM

Chloe is a direct line 7th generation BSS Champion and the only 4th generation Boykin Spaniel Upland winner (5th if including Rock’n Creek Webster who was a winner at the first BSS Upland Trial) and has 4 AKC Senior passes. She is the daughter of Gabby,  (OTM’S Talk Of The Town UNCH16 UICH17)  and the granddaughter of Kara (OTM Wrecker’s License to Carry NCH12 UNCH10). Her maternal grandfather, Karoo, is a BSS Upland Champion, the first Boykin to earn an AKC Grand Championship, and won the title of best in breed at Westminster in 2015. She is the great granddaughter of Wrecker (HRCH Justahomewrecker PCH05 UICH06 NCH06 UOCH08). She is 4 years old, ~ 20” tall and 42lbs. 


Health For Chloe:

Hips - Good (BY-3501G34F-PI)

Cardiac – Normal/Clear Specialist (BY-BCA47/34F/S-VPI)

Eyes – Normal w/ Breeder’s Option (BY-EYE1346/38F-VPI)

Elbows – Normal (BY-EL910F34-PI)

Patellae – Normal Specialist (BY-PA1243/38F/S-VPI)

EIC – Normal (Clear)

Collie Eye Anomaly – Carrier (WT/M)

Degenerative Myelopathy – Carrier (WT/M)

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